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Introduction to Drawing and Inking With Full Demo

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Who Am I?

I'm a professional artist who started my career in comics in 1994 with Image Comics, which later branched off to become Wildstorm Comics. I continue to work in the comic book industry with companies such as Marvel, DC Comics, DarkHorse, Acclaim, and Valiant Comics.  ​

My works include top-selling comics like Brothers Bond, WildCats, Grifter, Xmen, Star Wars, Spawn, Captain America, Iron Man, Grifter/Midnighter, Batman, Batman Beyond (#1 in the NY Times), Wonder Woman, and many more. I have twenty-eight-plus years in the industry and has expanded into the video game industry. A variety of my work as an artist/designer in video games can be seen in DC Universe (DCUO), Marvel MOBA games, & MLB: The Show. My work in television shows/movies includes ThunderCats, Ultimate Spiderman, Little Man, Pacific Rim, and Mech X4. Click on Portfolio to see a small sample of my work.

What You'll Learn

You'll learn the basic tools you need to get started drawing. None of this stuff requires expensive materials, or inherent talent.

These are things I use every day no matter what I'm drawing. These skills can be used complex comic book page, to a simple character sketch, to drawing portraits of your friends.

What To Expect

This isn't the definitive collection of everything you need to learn to draw. This is more of a sampler of the things I think are most fundamental to learning drawing. Treat this more like a book to refer to, rather than a replacement to an art education.

To get better, you're going to need to draw. This is here to help guide you on the process, or give you a refresher to some fundamentals.

Who is this for?

This is meant for beginners, and professionals alike. Whether you're just starting on your art journey, or just looking for a refresher I think this'll be useful to you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Primitive Shapes

Chapter 2: Lighting

Chapter 3: Line Quality

Chapter 4: Rendering

Chapter 5: Advanced Primitive Shapes

Chapter 6: Introduction to Inking

Chapter 7: The Human Core (Drawing People)

Chapter 8: Un-narrated Demonstrations

  1. Full Action Illustration (Part 1 on Youtube)
  2. Single Character Illustration
  3. Ink Head Sketch

Along with this tutorial, you'll get a series of assignments to do along the way.


  • Is this for beginners?
    • This is for everyone! These are skills that I'm still practicing today. This tutorial is meant as an introduction to learning the skills every artists uses. It takes time to learn this stuff, so don't beat yourself up if you feel like you're not improving. Because this is a one time purchase, you can go at your own pace.
  • What materials do I need to follow along?
    • You can use anything, these skills translate across all mediums. That being said I use a Pentel Brush Pen, a 2B Pencil, a Prismacolor red pencil, and various other pens.
  • Are there any discounts or promotions currently available?
    • Yes! For the first 10 people that use the code "DRAWING" you get 30% off.
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In this tutorial I teach the fundamental skills I use daily as a professional artist. Included are 7 Lessons on the basics of drawing, 3 unnarrated demonstrations, and assignments to do along the way.

2.5+ Hours of Demonstrations
Concise Lessons on Each Subject
1 Hour of Lectures


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Introduction to Drawing and Inking With Full Demo

19 ratings
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